Queens Mary, Lucinda, and Chrissie

Chrissie Hynde was funny and moving with her new band last night by the Queen Mary in Long Beach, but Lucinda Williams — whom I love — disappointed. Here’s how I put it in the LA Times.


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2 responses to “Queens Mary, Lucinda, and Chrissie

  1. Leslie

    What concert were YOU at? Chrissy lost me when she announced that the beautiful evening was ruined from the stench of burning meat on the BBQs in the park. She was ok, but who needs any more cute rhyming little love songs about a younger lover, and swooning in the misty mists of Wales? She has a great voice but the ballads are boring. And predictable with words added just to make the lyrics rhyme, in my opinion. She didn’t even get any standing ovation. Lucinda, on the other hand had fans up dancing on the grass behind the crowd standing and clapping and hooting after every song. Her guitar player rocked, and wasn’t hard on the eyes, either. I am going to buy Lucinds’s new CD, and will pass on boring Chrissy’s and her “young lover from Wales” JP’s love song-fest bore.


    • Thanks for commenting. I love Lucinda. I’ve seen her several times in the past, have given her good reviews, and will also buy her new CD. I was expecting to have a great night out. But I really feel she was not on top of her game. The people around me were falling asleep, not dancing. I agree that not all of JP and Chrissie’s songs are up to par. But I felt like she was up there taking a risk and delivering, and Lucinda was not. For the record, I hated the headline the Times gave the piece in the paper.


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