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Chelsea Handler’s Heroic Breasts

Chelsea Handler rides for topfreedom

Second up in my new Hero series: Chelsea Handler not only mocks Vladimir Putin’s machismo in this photo she has thrice posted on Instagram (and thrice had censored); the actor is taking a stand for topfreedom, aka women’s right to be as free to show their flesh as men are. Forcing women to conceal and bind their bodies while men are free to strut their stuff is just another way of shaming and containing us. Back in the heady, busty days of 3rd Wave feminism, I wrote about the topfree movement for The Village Voice: the proud feminists of Titi Liberation and Tribe 8 singer Lynn Breedlove. I became a bit of an activist for the cause myself. I’ll never forget the glorious feeling of marching down Fifth Avenue in New York with the Riot Grrrl NYC contingent of the Gay Pride parade, shirtless, with Slits-style mud smeared across my torso and the words “Media Slut.” It felt good to be able to shed confinements under the summer sun, just like men can do every day.

Anywaze, back to Handler: Kudos to her for letting her nipples fly free. At least she’s wearing a helmet.

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She Can Be a Hero: Kaci Hickox

Kaci Hickox wants to ride her bicycle. Photo from AP

I am so moved by the courageous, dare I say ballsy actions of so many women these days that I’m starting a new series here at Populism, saluting heroes. First of course is Kaci Hickox, and all the other nurses, doctors and health care workers who are risking their own lives and, apparently, their freedom to save sick people in Africa, and the world. The fact that politicians are demonizing these people, on the other hand, is pure ignorant cowardly catering to the power of fear, i.e. the opposite of leadership.

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Smile Baby Viral Video

A great example of citizen journalism/civic engagement via new media. Totally reminds me of the years I lived in New York (though of course, the catcalling happens everywhere).


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“California Paradise” Critical Karaoke Online

The critical karaoke I performed to the Runaways’ “California Paradise” at the EMP Pop Conference in LA in 2013 has been posted online as part of a CK package from the Journal of Popular Music Studies — this is academia made fun party people! You can hear me speak it over the music or just read the text, your choice. There are some other great pieces here, such as Karen Tongson’s moving ode to Jose Esteban Munoz, Radiohead’s “Creep,” and queer utopian moments.


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Body Image Panel

Please come see me on a panel hosted by the Journalism and Women Symposium on November 15 at the Feminist Majority Foundation. For more information, check out the Facebook page. You must RSVP to

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Journalism Professor Job Announced

(UPDATE: This is an amended version of the listing posted earlier today, changing the language around the degree requirement.) We are looking for a new tenure-track journalism professor at Loyola Marymount University. Please contact if you are interested. Full job listing:



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Apocalypse Cancelled: New Sleater-Kinney Album Announced

Great news to start a week that otherwise seemed likely to be full of zeitgeist doom and gloom: Sleater-Kinney have announced that they will be releasing their first album of new material in a decade, AND will go on tour. No Cities To Love will be released January 19/20 by Sub Pop Records; if it’s as good as the first single, “Bury Our Friends,” released today, it’s a doozy. Together Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, and Janet Weiss released some of the best albums of the late ’90s, early ’00s, taking the bristling energy of the Riot Grrrl movement to dizzying heights; if you don’t believe me, buy the Sleater-Kinney box set, Start Together, being released tomorrow.

Since 1995’s The Woods, Tucker became a mom and fronted her own band; Weiss drummed with Quasi and Stephen Malkmus and the Hot Jicks, and Brownstein reinvented herself as a comic actor on a little show called Portlandia. They got back together early this year, recording in secrecy. John Goodmanson, who recorded and produced most of those records, is back for No Cities To Love. The video for the new song features filmmaker and writer Miranda July, another early ’90s graduate of Olympia-area Grrrrl Studies. Check it out:

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