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Queens Reviewed in LA Times

The Los Angeles Times posted a smart review of Queens of Noise today, with a LOL line about Kim Fowley, and some well-placed criticism. Will someone in LA please save me a copy?

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Jack White’s New Stripe

Only an artist of Jack White’s caliber would draw me out of my summer semi-seclusion in the Michigan woods. We had a rambling, philosophical conversation.

via With ‘Blunderbuss,’ Jack White aims for new beginning as soloist – latimes.com.

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Best Bruce Ever?

I first saw Bruce 31 years ago in Chicago. I’ve seen him every tour since, except the last one. Last night’s may have been the best show I have ever seen him do — except for maybe that transcendent Jazz Fest experience post Katrina. Let’s put it this way: Tom Morello, on “The Ghost of Tom Joad.” The guitar will never be the same. My humble review:

Review: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at Sports Arena – latimes.com.

via Best Bruce Ever?.

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Carole King, Naturally?

Carole King wrote or co-wrote some of the best songs of all times. Her Tapestry album remains the Diamond apotheosis of California singer-songwriter pop. And she achieved all this while also becoming a teenage parent. In her new memoir, A Natural Woman, she describes what it was like to work in a hit factory, and how decades later, she survived spousal abuse. I reviewed it for the LA Times.

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Gaiman and Palmer: the alt power couple

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer kick-start their tour – latimes.com.

The paper made a mistake; the tour is not sold out. I’m trying to get out of trick or treating myself to see the Coraline author and Dresden Doll at the Wilshire Ebell.

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Thievery and Fitz

Thievery Corporation and Fitz and the Tantrums: Grooves versus songs. My LA Times review.

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Vanessa Paradis by the Orpheum Light

I meant to mention the influence of bossa nova in my review of Vanessa Paradis’s show at the Orpheum Friday night. The concert reminded me of the spell-casting fusion that Bebel Gilberto tries to cast in her shows. But Bebel is such a bleating bore. Paradis was, as one of the comments on my review says, “pure beauty.” I don’t know who I’m more jealous of: her or Johnny Depp.

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