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Chelsea Handler’s Heroic Breasts

Chelsea Handler rides for topfreedom

Second up in my new Hero series: Chelsea Handler not only mocks Vladimir Putin’s machismo in this photo she has thrice posted on Instagram (and thrice had censored); the actor is taking a stand for topfreedom, aka women’s right to be as free to show their flesh as men are. Forcing women to conceal and bind their bodies while men are free to strut their stuff is just another way of shaming and containing us. Back in the heady, busty days of 3rd Wave feminism, I wrote about the topfree movement for The Village Voice: the proud feminists of Titi Liberation and Tribe 8 singer Lynn Breedlove. I became a bit of an activist for the cause myself. I’ll never forget the glorious feeling of marching down Fifth Avenue in New York with the Riot Grrrl NYC contingent of the Gay Pride parade, shirtless, with Slits-style mud smeared across my torso and the words “Media Slut.” It felt good to be able to shed confinements under the summer sun, just like men can do every day.

Anywaze, back to Handler: Kudos to her for letting her nipples fly free. At least she’s wearing a helmet.

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