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Fowley on Lita and Cherie

“They’re easier to deal with as women than they were as girls,” says Kim Fowley of his recent collaboration with Lita Ford and Cherie Currie. It had been 36 years since the Sunset Strip provocateur had been in the same room with the two Runaways, and there had been a lot of shit talk during that time. But when the three sat down at a recording console to see if they could somehow reach artistic accord, Kim says that they found, lo and behold, that they had all grown up — even him.

“They’re very professional and knew their stuff,” the septuagenarian Svengali says of the women he used to call “dog cunts,” back when they were his teenage charges. “They knew more than they knew then. They had 36 years of knowledge. And then the cops came.”

Yes, that’s right, on a Saturday night in Hollywood, someone actually called the police complaining about the noise coming from the recording studio. Apparently LAPD were bemused to find the wheelchair-ridden Fowley with his various body-fluid bags in tow and a couple of  hot-looking women in their fifties. “When somebody says turn it down, there’s danger in the air,” Kim says.

The producer/songwriter, who’s battling bladder cancer, says the material is in Ford’s hands; this time, the ladies are in control.

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Kim, Lita, and Cherie — Reunited?

Cherie Currie, Kim Fowley, Kara Wright (Peer Music), and Lita Ford.

Photo by Brad Elterman


Kim Fowley, Lita Ford, and Cherie Currie recently spent four days in the studio, according to postings on Kim’s Facebook page. This is pretty incredible, given how intensely the producer and the singer hated each other for decades. While Cherie has been publicly saying that she had forgiven him, Kim has been nowhere near as forgiving of her — until now, apparently. And of course, it was a fight between Lita and Cherie that sent Currie packing from the Runaways in 1977. I’m very happy to see that after 36 years, this trio is not only able to sit in a room together; they apparently spent four days recording. This is all the more remarkable given Kim’s recent cancer surgery. If these three can bury the hatchet, can’t our government get back in business? And is Joan going to finally come around?

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