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Who Cares About the Cock Rock Hall?

My Longreads piece on the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame and other perpetrators of gender inequity, “The Manhandling of Rock’n’Roll History,” seems to have hit a chord (so to speak). Future Rock Legends, THE watchdog site for the Rock Hall, published an article about it. And I did a really fun interview with Who Cares About the Rock Hall?, a podcast by comedians Joe Kwaczala and Kristen Studard.


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Manhandling Rock’n’Roll

Kudos to Stevie Nicks and Janet Jackson for their inductions into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. Sadly, as I broke it down for Longreads.com, women still make up less than 8 percent of Rock Hall inductees. The Hall exemplifies the historical manhandling of women’s roles in rock, from Rolling Stone to Mystery Train to, now, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I don’t just critique: I offer plans of action, including an (almost) all-female inductee list next year, and removal of Ahmet Ertegun’s name from the museum’s exhibition hall and industry award, in the wake of charges of sexual harassment. This isn’t the first time I’ve called the Hall to task for their systemic exclusion of female artists; sadly the numbers haven’t improved a bit since that 2011 Salon article.


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Girl Power

Girl rights advocate Malala Yousafzi won the Nobel Peace Prize, at 17 the youngest recipient ever. And pioneering rocker Joan Jett, along with her band the Blackhearts, was nominated for the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame again. Yesterday was a good day.

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Joan Jett as Kurt Cobain?

I have been hoping against hope that Joan Jett could play with Nirvana at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame show tomorrow, and it looks like it might not be just a wet dream.

Joan Jett + Nirvana: Five Reasons Why She’s a Good Pick for Rock Hall of Fame | Billboard.

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Rock Hall Library, Here I Come

The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame announced this year’s inductees today: Nirvana, Kiss, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, Hall and Oates, the E Street Band, Peter Gabriel, and two 1960s managers: Brian Epstein and Andrew Loog Oldham. Not a bad bunch, but yes, once again, a lot of males — white males in particular, this year. Contrary to some reports, Ronstadt is not the only woman: I’m assuming Patti Scialfa will be inducted with the E Street Band, and I hope Soozie Tyrell will be (though she’s not mentioned on the Rock Hall’s site).

I’ll take this opportunity to announce that I too will be at the Rock Hall: giving a presentation January 25 in honor of the library’s two-year anniversary. Given that I’ve been a vocal thorn in the hall’s side in the past, it’s generous of them to invite me and I’ll be a gracious guest — while making  a case for why Suzi Quatro, the Runaways, and Joan Jett all deserve their own places at the podium one day. I’m looking forward to spending some time in the archives; they’ve been acquiring an impressive collection, and as a researcher, I’ve been dying to get my hands in it. So hit me up, Cleveland people.


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Joan Jett Snubbed

The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame has once again proved that they don’t think women count as rock’n’roll. Only one female artist is nominated this year, the eminently worthy Linda Ronstadt. (There are also two women in the band Chic.)  After being nominated the past two years, Joan Jett was completely snubbed in this year’s nominations. This is pathetic, ridiculous, infuriating, and nauseating.  Ladies, we need to convene at the MEOW Conference in Austin next week and plot the revolution.


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