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Daddy’s girl

Me, Dad and toy cat

I saw Dad today for the first time since December 2019. I’m the second visitor he has had since Covid struck. I was booked to visit him last March and the day before my flight the country started shutting down nursing homes. It has been a nightmare ever since.

The virus swept his SNF but fortunately not his floor. He had no visitors for 8 long months. He has advanced dementia so didn’t know what was happening but I’m sure he felt it, he missed familiar voices and touches.

Fortunately he was in good hands and we can FaceTime with him every week. Thanks to his good care and the vaccine I was finally able to visit him. I had thought I might not ever see him again. He stopped recognizing people before the pandemic but I do think he felt something when I came in and grabbed his hand and told him I was there. His body started shaking and he held on to my fingers. Later, after I spoon fed him lunch, I made a stupid joke and he laughed a big HA then kept chuckling just like he used to. Dad is still in there somewhere and I’m so happy I get to see him again.

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Cherie Currie Redux

After 35 years, Runaways singer Cherie Currie has released a new album, Reverie, via iTunes. I interviewed her for Cuepoint about her reunion with Kim Fowley and Lita Ford.

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Cherie, Joan, and Lita

Cherie, Joan, and Lita

In what I believe is a first since the Runaways broke up, Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, and Lita Ford were together, posing for cameras backstage at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in LA. Joan was a recipient of the heavy metal honor. I have to say, they look great. Maybe they really will do a reunion. In this interview, Dee Snider shows love for his (twisted) sisters — and also pushes for more to come.

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Kim, Lita, and Cherie — Reunited?

Cherie Currie, Kim Fowley, Kara Wright (Peer Music), and Lita Ford.

Photo by Brad Elterman


Kim Fowley, Lita Ford, and Cherie Currie recently spent four days in the studio, according to postings on Kim’s Facebook page. This is pretty incredible, given how intensely the producer and the singer hated each other for decades. While Cherie has been publicly saying that she had forgiven him, Kim has been nowhere near as forgiving of her — until now, apparently. And of course, it was a fight between Lita and Cherie that sent Currie packing from the Runaways in 1977. I’m very happy to see that after 36 years, this trio is not only able to sit in a room together; they apparently spent four days recording. This is all the more remarkable given Kim’s recent cancer surgery. If these three can bury the hatchet, can’t our government get back in business? And is Joan going to finally come around?

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Cherie Currie Posts on Runaways Reunion

Cherie Currie reportedly posted Lita Ford’s comments about a Runaways reunion on her Facebook page. So it looks like she’s on board. Who will play bass? And drums? Laurie McAllister and Sandy West are no longer with us. And Jackie Fox and Vicki Blue have not been on Joan’s good side. Tell me what you think below.

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