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Iggy Pop Hates Rock

iggy-pop Iggy Pop is not an idiot (contrary to his own album titles). I’ve interviewed the uber-icon several times now, and talked to him conversationally several more — we’re both Miami residents, after all — and he still surprises me each time with his wit and honest insight. We most recently talked for the LA Times. I had infections in both ears, making my head a painful echo chamber of my own voice. He was sympathetic and understanding. “Swimming in the ocean?” he asked, then prescribed his own remedy (he swims daily when possible): alcohol and vinegar. The ear doctor gave me the same prescription the next day, when he vacuumed my canals free. I now follow it religiously.

I don’t know how Iggy has lived through what he’s lived through and come out so well — though I know some good dentists and qi gong have helped a lot. But he’s one of the refreshing idols you should definitely not kill before meeting — he inspires more each time. As Hal Cragin, producer of Pop’s new album Preliminaires told me, “To be Iggy Pop is to be original to yourself, not to walk around and say I’m going to be nutty and scratch my skin. To be Iggy to is to be true to yourself as an artist.”

Read the interview here. Photo for the LA Times by Mike Stocker.

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