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Henry Jenkins and Shepard Fairey

Studying with fan studies pioneer and author Henry Jenkins has been a highlight of my fellowship at USC. If I had known people like Henry were going to knock cultural studies off of its podium pedantry, I might have stayed with academia (probably not). His New Media Literacies course exposed me to ideas about digital culture that have inspired my own research projects. So I’m extremely honored that he is posting my final paper on his blog, http://henryjenkins.org/. It’s about Shepard Fairey, punk rock, fair use, free culture, Obam, hope, and appropriative art. Let us know what you think. First part today, second Friday.

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Shepard Fairey Copes With Hope

When I visited street-artist-made-good Shepard Fairey at his Echo Park studio recently, he seemed slightly defensive. Who could blame him, given the kinds of attack his fame as the maker of the Obama Hope poster has brought on. He’s unveiling new works at Art Basel Miami Beach this week; here’s the article I wrote for The Miami Herald.

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