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Silverman and Dowd: Take That

It generally takes me all week to savor my New York Times, so I just now read this great interview with Sarah Silverman by Maureen Dowd. Talk about a power couple. Their discussion of the ageism of the comic boys’ club is smart and poignant. And Sarah’s comments about her need for a wife to make child-rearing possible reminds me of the intense conversations we rock moms had a few weeks ago at the MEOW Conference, inspired by Jackie Weissman’s documentary Rock’n’Roll Mamas.

Funny Girl – NYTimes.com.

via Funny Girl – NYTimes.com.

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The New York Times on Queens!

The day I’ve been waiting for: The New York Times review of Queens of Noise is online. It’s a good one.

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Ellen Willis Review

Ellen Willis still inspires and intimidates me. I first encountered her personally when I was a young copy editor and aspiring music critic at The Village Voice, and she was the vaunted feminist and veteran music critic in house. Researching my 1992 Voice story “The Feminine Critique,” I was amazed  by her reviews I found in old issues of The New Yorker, and very nervous when I interviewed her. Two decades later, those essays floored me all over again when I read them in the new anthology Out of the Vinyl Deeps, which I reviewed for the  New York Times Book Review.

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Just Say No To Market News

Dear NY Times News Alert service,

Please do not send me any more alerts about the hourly bipolar swings of the stock market. I do not care anymore. The financial services are a parasite upon our economy. Traders are drama queens who can’t get enough of our attention, and if we keep giving them attention with hourly news alerts on their changing moods, they’ll just want more. Sorry for the tough love, but it’s what’s best for all of us.

One love,

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Lita Ford Gets Cross(word)

I was walking past my neighboring deli today when I overheard an older man asking his grown son for help with the New York Times crossword: “What’s a four-letter word for the guitarist for the Runaways? – – – – Ford.”

“Lita,” I replied as I cruised past.

“Thank you!” he laughed, then asked me how to spell it.

I swear this really happened.

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Maggie Steber in Haiti

My thoughts are with my friend and former boss Maggie Steber, who is in Haiti shooting for the New York Times. No word or images from her yet, but the Times has posted some of her historic photos of the country, and a brief essay.

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