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Lita’s Mother’s Day Video


Photo: Mark Weiss

Lita Ford premiered a video for her song “Mother” off Living Like a Runaway at USA Today today. Edgeplay director Victory Tischler-Blue, aka ex Runaways bassist Vicki Blue, shot the dramatic footage of the guitarist in the desert. In an accompanying interview, the Runaways shredder talks about “parental alienation,” a subject she knows well, as she is estranged from her two sons. It’s no Hallmark card for Mother’s Day, but it’s a real issue that many women are living. Frustrating as my child can be, I also can’t imagine not being able to see him every day, let alone at all. It’s a heartbreaking situation for the tatted-up ax-slinger who was always the tuffest girl in the band. Happy Mother’s Day, Lita.

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