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Pop Goes MOCA

The news that MOCA has hired Jeffrey Deitch is fascinating on several levels. It’s an unusual move for a gallerist and museum to meet up. But more significantly, it’s evidence of just how important LA’s art scene has become, that the city could lure first one of New York’s top museum directors (Michael Govan), and then one of its merchants. (I wrote a big feature on the LA art scene for the Art Basel Miami Beach magazine, though I have yet to see a copy of it so can’t post it here.) I think it’s a good move, though I find Deitch to be a bit of a puzzle. He champions Pop Artists, but only if they work in fine art media. I find some of his taste atrocious. He always brought the best music to Miami during Art Basel — but then made his parties super exclusive, so not many heard it. Still, I say, bring the noise.

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