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Oh Bondage Up Yours: The Punk Rock Sexual Revolution

punkfeminismI promised I would post the remarks I made for the Punk Feminism and The F Word shows in Stanford and Oakland last week. The first half of my presentation, with images from the slide show and notes of music cues, follows. I’ll post the Patti Smith critical karaoke another day. The lecture began with music: X-Ray Spex’s “Oh Bondage Up Yours.”

Punk is a female energy.

Look it up, in the Oxford English Dictionary. The first use of the word punk dates back to the 17th century and meant strumpet or whore. Later, the word referred to catamites, aka homosexuals, and then petty thieves. Etymologically, punks are gender outlaws – the OG victims of slut shaming and fagbashing. PunkwomenMusically, punk is the sound of dissonance, of dissent against even the hegemony of dissent. Making noise and ugliness virtues in a culture obsessed with harmony and beauty, punk’s means are destructive, but its impulse is creative. Sometimes, in its frisson of friction, lies escape.

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I Rock She Rocks!

She Rocks host Melissa McAllister interviewing me at the William Hannon Library.

She Rocks host Melissa McAllister interviewing me at the William Hannon Library.

Tomorrow night, May 7, from 7 to 8 p.m., I’ll be a guest on my favorite of the many amazing KXLU shows: She Rocks! I can’t wait. Going to spin lots of my cool favorite ladies, like maybe some Jayne Cortez, Suture, Tribe 8, Gutbank, Bratmobile, Maureen Tucker, and of course, the Runaways. Taking requests here and now! Tune in to 88.9 FM or stream it live.

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