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Meacham on Stewart

My parents have subscribed to Newsweek since I can remember. It’s synonymous with media for me, and I think Jon Meacham is a real mensch. I just saw his interview on The Daily Show the day the Washington Post announced they would be selling Newsweek. Smart, sad, funny.

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Jon Stewart: The News?

Dean Gillman was right about one thing in his SJ MA dinner rant last night: The Daily Show is at heart a critique of the news media as much as it is of the state of politics. Jon Stewart himself constantly disavows that he’s presenting news. The core of his show is the re-presentation of stories, the skewering of how the media handles — or mishandles — events, not just the events themselves. His calling card is the montage of the news, his ultimate weapon the clip. Stephen Colbert, of course, has taken this parody critique of broadcast media to the nth degree, casting himself as a better-looking Bill O’Reilly.

But I would argue that just because it’s about the news doesn’t mean it’s not news. There’s a lot of non-satirical media programming about the media that I think still counts as news, such as Robert Hernandez’s favorite, On the Media.

Speaking of The Daily Show, whatever happened to Rob Corddry? He was my fave.

Now roll the clip:

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