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Rock Fight Time


The idea of putting photos of musicians next to photos of boxers seemed dubious to me at first. The violence of the mosh pit is something I’d rather not celebrate; the dance of the mosh pit I love. But the Rock Fight show that opened last night at Project Gallery in Hollywood, copresented by the Morrison Hotel Gallery, was actually really interesting. As host Henry Rollins said, there’s as much showmanship in the ring as on the stage, and there can be an element of combat in a concert. Some of the juxtapositions of images were brilliant, like Bob Gruen’s shot of Debbie Harry next to Theo Ehret’s Luchadore. The boxing photos were all by Ehret, the music photographers included my buddies Catherine McGann and Janette Beckman. I’d have liked there to have been more images of women; let’s face it, there was a fair does of testosterone in the room.

Shepard Fairey was there; I gave him a copy of Queens of Noise and he talked about his cover art for the new Joan Jett album. He and my “date,” radio star Mandalit Del Barco, discussed public radio and Jeffrey Deitch. All in all, a cool night out.

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