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The Boss Plays “Royals”

Springsteen does rule.

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Veloso’s Voice

Caetano Veloso’s voice breaks cement and hearts. Last night at the Hollywood Bowl, the Brazilian legend sang one of his oldest compositions, “Baby” (written with and made famous by Os Mutantes), in the tender falsetto and multisyllabic lilt that’s uniquely his. He can also rap, play some mean rock guitar , and do elegant gestures with his long dancer hands that end with a middle finger raised — pretty badass for a septuagenarian. I’ve been a huge fan since my Puerto Rican boyfriend made a video about me set to the song “Branquinha,” and I fell in love with that 1989 album, Estrangeiro. Like Springsteen, Veloso’s an artist aging not just gracefully but pointedly — his voice more supple, his material more risky. He’s a romantic and a rebel, who in the 1960s got jailed AND exiled for his music. Not even Pussy Riot can claim that.

Too bad much of the lame-o LA crowd suffered through Andrew Bland Bird then began exiting halfway through Caetano’s set. This is history people: One of the greatest musicians of our time — singer of  postcolonial protest love songs about tropical truths — in one of the world’s greatest venues; stop worrying about traffic for once. I do wish KCRW and the Bowl hadn’t stacked the bill and made us wait so long for the headliner. Devendra Banhart was funny and weird and sometimes charming and sometimes annoying and has a beautiful voice when he just sings. His Spanish songs sounded somewhat unnervingly tropicalia-esque, but at least he chooses great role models. It was a trilingual night under the stars. Viva Veloso!


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dream on Detroit

dream hampton crafted a lovely piece for NPR about Detroit, focusing around one of my favorite White Stripes songs.

via My American Dream Sounds Like The White Stripes : The Record : NPR.

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Antony Does Stevie


via Stream Antony’s Cover Of “Landslide” By Fleetwood Mac | NOISEY.

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A Punk Tale of Two Cities

Vivien Goldman

I can’t wait to listen to this BBC Radio special about New York and London by my dear, brilliant friend Vivien Goldman. Quick, listen now: Only 3 days left!

via BBC Radio 6 Music – A Punk Tale of Two Cities.

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Joan Jett in Transgendered Duet

Joan Jett has balls. In the ’70s, she (of course) led the first all-teenage-girl hard rocking band the Runaways. She blew up the charts in the ’80s by slinging a guitar, not writhing on the floor. And in the ’90s, she supported the punk feminist movement (aka Riot Grrrl) more than any other single rock star. Now she’s aligning herself with transgender ass-kicker Tom Gabel, aka Laura Jane Grace. She performed the Replacements’ “Androgynous” with Gabel’s band Against Me! in New York, see video below. I love the way their voices blend together, and the way they shout, “See no evil at all!”

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Patti Smith, Good Again

Banga, Patti Smith’s first album of new material in eight years is her best in decades, despite some failed pretensions. My LAT review:  Album review: Patti Smith’s ‘Banga’ –

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