Have your cake and eat greens too with Colossus Bread delivery



A couple weeks ago, I wrote about supporting small businesses and farms by shopping locally and via Farm Fresh to You delivery. Since then, I’ve found an incredible service by which I can do both — and get some of the best cookies ever. When Colossus Bakery opened last year in San Pedro, it was an instant hit, drawing early-morning lines for their breads and cappucinos. The business, run by a local couple, is now winning our hearts again with their delivery service. Not only can you order their country loafs and OG cookies (OG stands for Oh God! IMO); they also deliver boxes of fresh produce from CSA. The box is packed with veggies: last week, it was five kinds of lettuce, kale, chard, carrots, beets, squash, basil, and probably more things that I’m forgetting. My favorite was agretti, a veggie I hadn’t encountered before but which is delicious with eggs and pasta. I had so much food I shared it with four friends.  Yes, you can have your cake and eat greens too!

This week Colossus will be open for pickup again for Mother’s Day. They have a special menu that includes their coffee drinks, and their barista is as talented as their baker. Our order is in because frankly, what else are we going to do for a pandemic holiday? Tip though: Order for a later pickup time to avoid the crowds; baker/owner Kristin told me everyone scheduled for 8 a.m.

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