Why the Go-Go’s Matter

The Go-Go’s not only deserve to be on Broadway, they should be in the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. Here’s an essay I wrote explaining why they matter, from The New York Times.

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One response to “Why the Go-Go’s Matter

  1. http://theroundplaceinthemiddle.com

    A good and necessary piece. It’s still a little disappointing, after all these years, that everyone mentions the Go-Go’s were the first self-contained all-female band to hit #1 on the Billboard album charts, but I’ve never seen a single published piece that mentions they are also the last. And that the highest any female band had peaked on the album chart before they hit #1 was #135. You’re the first person to get the kicked ass part right in print, though. As I like to say on my blog, when there’s only one of something, there’s usually a reason.

    Best wishes for your new book!


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