Millenials and the Media: Why One Editor Quit Her Dream Job

Devon Maloney wrote a very brave, controversial article about why she quit her job as music editor of the LA Times after four months. She brings up issues that are central to the chauvinism of music criticism, the lard-ass-ness of legacy journalism, and the privileged passion of Millenials. I would love to hear readers’ take on Devon’s story.

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  1. Lard-ass-ness of legacy & privileged passion of millennials. You said it. Those two forces seem to be battling in this piece, and neither is sustainable in the real world for many of us. I wanted to hear a few more specific anecdotes about why it was so bad at LAT. I don’t doubt that dealing with the set-in-their-ways dude-heavy writing staff was infuriating & disheartening. But I just didn’t understand what pushed her to the edge besides not getting to write/edit exactly what she wanted every day. I would love to hear more.

    Also, as much as she talks about credit card debt and student loans, there had to be something there for her to fall back on to leave this job. I wish people talked about that more. How most of us can only pursue creative careers because we already have a few things lined up. I have friends dealing with terrible jobs who can’t dream of quitting because they have to help support their parents, for example. They don’t have the option of freelance. I’d love to see this story as a call-to-action for changing newsroom structures to encourage both new ideas AND job security / quality of life… rather than a call to action to quit the dream job and go it alone. My two cents!


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