Pedro Punk Book Review

Oral histories and punk r0ck go hand in hand. No scene lends itself better to this anti-hierarchical literary form than my little town of San Pedro, whose music scene has had a steadfastly populist vibe since before the Minutemen. Local artist Craig Ibarra documents Pedro punk of the ’70s and ’80s masterfully in A Wailing of a Town, a — you guessed it — oral history I reviewed for the Los Angeles Times.


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2 responses to “Pedro Punk Book Review

  1. Victor Sedillo

    Great article! (FYI, I took the photo of D. Boon on the cover, even though the Times didn’t credit it. Thanks!)


    • I’m sorry the Times didn’t credit you Victor. Did you ask them if they could run a set-rec? I’m not involved in credits but I can also speak to my editor. Glad you liked the story — and I love that picture!


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