How Do You Solve a Problem Like Meghan Trainor?

Very funny, smart, and right-on post from the Lady Parts blogger.

Lady Parts

Is it an absurd proposition to overthink pop music? Should we not all just give in to the grooooooove?

Obviously “Blurred Lines” is a mysoginist piece of rapey propaganda…but if it comes on the radio while I’m driving, I turn it up and bop along. It’s cheerful rapey, you know? There’s an old chestnut by Eminem called “Shake That,” which is similarly sexist, with lyrics that include, “I’m looking for a girl who will do whatever the fuck I say, every day she be giving it up.” Nice, right? It’s also a song that advocates drinking until you puke, then getting another drink. So maybe it’s all in good fun. In any case, as soon as I hear Eminem proclaim himself a menace, I stick out my ass and…well, shake that, as directed. I was ass-dancing long before these youngsters invented twerking. Like, back in ’06.

And yet, here I…

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