RIP King of Noise, Kim Fowley

Kim Fowley has been sick with bladder cancer for so long, I began to believe he was invincible. Apparently not: Billboard is reporting his demise. Kim was a complete rapscallion who was easy to hate and yet, often despite himself, endearing. He remained relevant and controversial up to his dying days, and I shall miss hearing his voice on my answering machine.


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3 responses to “RIP King of Noise, Kim Fowley

  1. azalia snail

    He sure had a wild & fun ride>>>

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  2. Janet Dawes

    Just as I’m about to buy Queen of Noise (thanks to you, last weekend), and can I say it looks terrific, under promoted here in Australia as just one good LA Times review had me reaching for the online store card….anyway, just to say, this means I can’t read any Kim Fowley excerpts. But I like that you called him relevant and controversial to the end, I am positive this would be the highest praise for him. Later! Janet


  3. Janet Dawes

    Queens of Noise, I meant, and an important s.


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