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Cherie and Kim

Cherie Currie posted this on her Facebook page last night:

Life is ironic. Kim Fowley was moved into my home a week ago Friday. I have been a 24/7 caregiver for him. Funny, I have not been a fan of this man for decades but time is the great equalizer. It has been an honor to be there for him. He is ill so please send prayers to him. He is as brilliant now as he has ever been. Caring for him keeps me from FB. Know I love you all and please send positive thoughts his way.

Kim has been sick for several years now, but apparently his condition is dire. Every time I interviewed him for Queens of Noise, he was furious at Cherie for her depiction of him in her book. But last year they made up and began working together again, and now, she is taking care of the man who for decades she hated. This is a sad story, but also a redemptive one. I wish them both strength and peace and healing.


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