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Queens of Noise ALOUD Podcast Available

Exene Cervenka Photo by Gary Leonard

The podcast from the Queens of Noise event at the Los Angeles Central Library with Exene Cervenka, Allison Wolfe, and myself is now available at the LAPL site. Please listen and share!

Queens of Noise- Music, Feminism and Punk: Then and Now | Los Angeles Public Library.

via Queens of Noise- Music, Feminism and Punk: Then and Now | Los Angeles Public Library.


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Kissed With a Seal

The seal was cute at first. Big brown eyes, long thick whiskers, spotted back — you know, harbor seals, they’re effing cute. My sometime swim pal Suzy was describing to me how a sea lion had followed her the other day, and as if on cue, this cutiepie pops up six feet behind her. Except this was a seal, not a sea lion. They’re different. Seals are smaller, supposedly safer. Gentle, even. HA!

Los Angeles is living up to its Endless Summer rep this winter. It’s been HOT. Gorgeous. Eighties. In January. The Pacific is a blue pool of invitation. It beckons from my window.

I know the water is cold — 60 degrees today. But that’s why I wear a half-suit. As often as I can, I swim out to the yellow buoy moored there by the Cabrillo Beach Polar Bears. It’s about a half-mile round trip. The first 10 minutes of cold are brutal, but then you adjust. It’s a challenge, and it’s peaceful, and you run into neighbors out there, which is hilarious (“Hi Kim, how’s it going?” “Nice weather we’re having!” “Sure is beautiful.”), and it’s an accomplishment. Continue reading

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Queens at Rock Hall Info

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members can make reservations for my January 25 presentation in Cleveland beginning tomorrow, January 13. Non-members can reserve beginning Tuesday. For more info, visit the Rock Hall site. Runaways collector and Queens of Noise discographer Omid Yamini will be joining me for this special event.

Author Series with Evelyn McDonnell, author of Queens of Noise: The Real Story of the Runaways | The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

via Queens at Rock Hall Info.

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“The Feminist Meeting”

Queens of Noise

Exene, Allison, and Evelyn

Why do we keep reinventing the wheel? How come every generation of women musicians has to address all over again the confrontation between expression and exploitation, as if a hundred women haven’t gone before them? These were some of the questions raised last night at Queens of Noise: Music, Feminism, and Punk: Then and Now, the Aloud event at the Los Angeles Central Library that I hosted with amazing extra-special guests Exene Cervenka and Allison Wolfe.

Apologies to those who were not able to get in to “the feminist meeting,” as one would-be attendee described the event (according to a colleague). The podcast will be posted next week — and goddess, I hope it goes viral. Of course I’m biased, but, led by an Exene on fire, we addressed crucial issues of the value of and need for women to make themselves heard, not just seen. Riot Grrrl, Rock Camp for Girls, Pussy Riot, the Runaways, X, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Kathleen Hanna, Bratmobile, mentoring, self-esteem, Sister Rosetta Thorpe, books, history, documentation, activism, etc. — these were just some of the issues and topics we addressed in a wide-ranging, cross-generational conversation. The audience asked sharp questions. And Exene sang a song. It was an EPIC night.


Queens of Noise – Event – Library Foundation of Los Angeles.

via Queens of Noise – Event – Library Foundation of Los Angeles.


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San Pedro Arts Story

I was honored to get to write about my hometown homegrown arts scene for the LA Weekly.


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Amiri Baraka RIP

I remember Amiri Baraka as an irascible but brilliant presence at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and Tribes, back when I used to cover the poetry scene for The Village Voice. His death is a great loss; my condolences to his daughter and my former colleague Lisa; and my ex-neighbor and his ex-wife, Hettie.

Amiri Baraka, former N.J. poet laureate and prolific author, dead at 79 |

via Amiri Baraka RIP.

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“Serious, Sizzling Entertainment.”

Jonny Whiteside in the LA Weekly gave our Queens of Noise night Thursday at the LA Central Library a lovely writeup. Expect “serious, sizzling entertainment” from me, Exene Cervenka, and Allison Wolfe.

Queens of Noise: The Real Story of the Runaways – 7:15 p.m. January 9 – Los Angeles Central Library | Los Angeles | Voice Places.


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