Rock Hall Library, Here I Come

The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame announced this year’s inductees today: Nirvana, Kiss, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, Hall and Oates, the E Street Band, Peter Gabriel, and two 1960s managers: Brian Epstein and Andrew Loog Oldham. Not a bad bunch, but yes, once again, a lot of males — white males in particular, this year. Contrary to some reports, Ronstadt is not the only woman: I’m assuming Patti Scialfa will be inducted with the E Street Band, and I hope Soozie Tyrell will be (though she’s not mentioned on the Rock Hall’s site).

I’ll take this opportunity to announce that I too will be at the Rock Hall: giving a presentation January 25 in honor of the library’s two-year anniversary. Given that I’ve been a vocal thorn in the hall’s side in the past, it’s generous of them to invite me and I’ll be a gracious guest — while making  a case for why Suzi Quatro, the Runaways, and Joan Jett all deserve their own places at the podium one day. I’m looking forward to spending some time in the archives; they’ve been acquiring an impressive collection, and as a researcher, I’ve been dying to get my hands in it. So hit me up, Cleveland people.


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