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Don’t Need You: Jett and Rushmore Float

I’ve been biting my tongue on the whole Macysgate Joan Jett/South Dakota brouhaha. Now that it’s apparently over — the PETA activist is off the meat-state float,  still in the Thanksgiving Day parade (though where has not been announced) — I just have to say, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.” And by rubbish, of course I don’t mean th2931404_width750e OG Queen of Noise; I mean the vehicle that was also known as the Mount Rushmore float. (Check out the picture of Neil Diamond on it in 2011.) To the Native Americans of the region, Rushmore is a symbol of genocide caused by European colonialism. It’s a sacred place that was defaced by white faces. Chris Eyre made a great movie, Skins, about the monument and the devastated lives of the people now forced to live in the Pine Ridge Reservation. I was uncomfortable at the thought of seeing Joan waving happily from in front of that ugly symbol. So while I’m not pleased that some ranchers gave her the boot, I’m glad to see publicity being raised not only for her, but for the cause of animal rights. And I’d rather see her rocking with, say, Lady Liberty.


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