“To Be Here Without You”

Lou Reed – Halloween Parade – New York Album – YouTube.

My son, Cole, asked me what Halloween was like before I had kids. I described to him one holiday in New York, must have been 1987, when I still lived in Providence. I was attending CMJ, and that night, I was running around with a bunch of musicians and friends, including Kim and Thurston, and members of Das Damen. It was before the East Village had been gentrified, and there was all kinds of tricking going on, few treats; blocks were closed because of the mayhem. I remember Mr. and Mrs. Sonic Youth sort of apologizing to me, that Downtown wasn’t always like this. I loved it.

Then I started telling Cole about the Halloween Parade, and suddenly I remembered this song by Lou Reed, this wonderful beautiful song about gays and the West Village and AIDS and magic and loss.


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