Runaways in the News

Meanwhile, as I lay teaching, the Runaways keep blowing up my Google Alerts. First, there was the news that Cherie and Lita have recorded a Christmas song — though those who listened to Ms. Currie and me on “45 North” already knew this. Before last year, Ford and Currie had been incommunicado since the Runaways guitarist exploded at the Runaways vocalist during a photo shoot some 35 years prior (as readers of Queens of Noise well know).

But as quickly as those “Runaways reunion” headlines could appear, news outlets began circulating Joan Jett’s statement about the “downside” of a reunion — even though she made those comments almost a month earlier. This is not great publicity for Joan as she gets ready for the launch of her new album, Unvarnished — it makes her look like she’s spoiling the party, where the truth is a lot more complicated, I’m sure.

Currie is meanwhile on the road, working hard, and by all accounts, putting on great shows and playing well with others. Hopefully, recorded music will follow soon. Her new BFF Lita will be releasing a live album, The Bitch Is Back … Live, in October.

Fab Five bassist Jackie Fox will be playing on a small screen near you, as a contestant on So You Want to Be a Millionaire, airing this Friday. Last but not least, Kim Fowley, who has been recovering from major surgery for bladder cancer, made his first public appearance on Friday at the Don’t Knock the Rock Film and Music Fest.


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