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Cherie Amour

Cherie Currie has posted a rather lovely message on Facebook trying to tone down some of the recent Runaways drama. I think she offers some excellent advice that I too am going to follow.

To my dear FB friends.
I am touched and blown away by the huge amount of supportive comments and actions taken on my behalf after my letter to you regarding the delay of my album. I thank you all so very, very much for your understanding of the situation, yet, I am disheartened by some of the verbal attacks on Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna and Blackheart Records. Please refrain from the emotional aspect because it doesn’t accomplish anything nor help the cause. I just heard Joan is releasing her new album soon. I’m happy for her and wish her the most success.

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Cherry Bomb Blowback

Having declared her independence from manager Kenny Laguna and label Blackheart via Facebook, Cherie Currie is so far winning the PR initiative. There’s a Facebook group and an online petition calling for her unreleased album to be returned to her. Marie Currie has also posted for her sister’s cause.

However, as in any divorce, there are at least two sides to this story. Laguna has so far refused to make a comment (I asked). But Currie’s reputation for being difficult to deal with is well documented. Kim Fowley, who first made her famous by signing her to the Runaways, described her as “Courtney Love on steroids” for my book Queens of Noise.  Cherie has alienated many fans with well right-of-center comments in Facebook. So even some of the Runaways’ most devout partisans may not be rushing to this damsel in distress’s rescue. (Currie also refused to speak to me for the book; I used material from two previous interviews with her for Queens.)

Besides, the split pits Currie against her old bandmate Joan Jett (who has also remained silent in the midst of the social media brouhaha). Laguna manages Jett and she coowns Blackheart with him. It’s an ugly situation.

It’s too bad this couldn’t have been reconciled privately. Currie should have the right to release her music — but she may have to pay the costs of the recording, which are probably considerable, given the people involved (Matt Sorum, Thom Panunzio). She should also forge on as an independent artist — just like Jett did when she formed Blackheart. (Isn’t that ironic.)

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