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Cherie Busts a Move

After waiting three years to have her album released, Cherie Currie has apparently decided to leave manager Kenny Laguna and go her own way. In a Facebook post (shared with me by a fan; Currie and I are not, er, “Friends”), she wrote:

“A letter to the fans (my friends) on FB.

There have been a lot of stories flying around, mostly negative about my album and why it isn’t out. I feel I owe you an explanation since you have patently waited as I have since it was recorded late 2010-2011. You see, I just wanted to get out there and play for you again. After 30 years, with the movie, my book, and then a successful show opening for Joan in 2010, the time was right for me to make a record, if I was ever going to again. I was ready to get back in the game but when you put your hopes, dreams, your career in someone else’s hands it’s a risk that can be disappointing and frustrating so I have sat on the sidelines waiting for a record that still isn’t mastered.

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