Hardest-Working Girls

One thing that strikes me as I compile the timeline for Queens of Noise is how hard the Runaways worked. These teenagers toured their ass off in the few short years they were together. And they recorded four studio albums and one live. No wonder they burned out. They certainly weren’t going to fade away.


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3 responses to “Hardest-Working Girls

  1. BradF

    Hi. Yes, I agree, I’ve seen what their tour schedule looked like and wow, grueling. You’ve probably seen Jackie’s Aug 9, ’76 letter. Telling stuff.

    “We’re in Grand Rapids tonight. We drove up this afternoon, got here at 8:00, but it turned out we were supposed to go on at 6:00…”

    Thanks for the update.


  2. I haven’t seen that letter! Do you have it?


  3. BradF

    Yes. See it here,


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