Getting Ready for the Wrecking Ball

Bruce Springsteen releases his new album Wrecking Ball March 6, and the transmedia promotional machine is in gear. His fan site Backstreets has been streaming tracks through Soundcloud all week. Next week will be Boss week at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Bruce will appear Monday night, there will be musical tributes to him all week, and he’ll take over the show Friday.

I love me some Bruce. He — and Patti, and the Clash, and others — kept me from thinking I was alone in the world when I was a teen. Darkness on the Edge of Town will probably always be my favorite record ever. The Ghost of Tom Joad channeled my fave book, The Grapes of Wrath, and dissed my pet peeve, Forrest Gump. He proved his guts with “41 Shots” and his heart with The Rising. I’ve seen him in concert umpteen times since 1981 — and I still have my concert jersey from that first show. I’m a jersey girl.

But … I’m apprehensive. The new songs seem so … shiny. Tunnel of Love production.  Human Touch genericness. And Emmylou Harris already claimed the title. The content is vintage Springsteen socio-economic critique. But the heart? The soul?

Prove me wrong Bruce. Prove it all night, and you’ll keep my love.

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