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Lovely Lita

Lita Ford has had a rough year (D-I-V-O-R-C-E), so it’s great to see her looking  so good in this recent interview. I talked to her briefly on the phone today, and she sounded in much better spirits than the last times we had talked. She and Joan Jett have reconciled. And she’s recording a new album. It’s interesting to hear her embrace the punk era in this video, since some people say Lita and Sandy went metal when Joan went Pistols, and that’s why the Runaways broke up. I believe that’s a simplistic breakdown, and, according to this interview, so does Lita.

Earle Mankey, who coproduced the Runaways’ second album, Queens of Noise, told me he was blown away by the then-teenaged Lita’s musicianship. “It’s just astounding how young she was and how amazingly good she played,” he said. ” I knew lots of guys 30 or older who couldn’t play like that.”

Lita Ford Interview at M3 Rock Festival 2011 – YouTube.

via Lita Ford Interview at M3 Rock Festival 2011 – YouTube.

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