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Brad Shoots Joan

Joan Jett By Brad Elterman

Brad Elterman took this stunning shot of Joan Jett, and many others, back in summer of 1977. In the days before stylists and Photoshop made everyone look perfect, not to mention the same, he and other great photographers — Jenny Lens, Donna Santisi, Richard Creamer — captured the Runaways in all their raw rebel power. Joan, Elterman says, had that “thing” about her: star power, charisma, magnetism. He said he felt that way only a couple times when he was shooting — also, for Bob Dylan and Bobby DeNiro, together. Joan, she shone all on her own. “Joan had this essence of coolness which I’d never seen before,” he told me, as we looked through old photos at his Beverly Glen bungalow.

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