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An Easy Nutcracker to Relish

Noel and Cole

The Nutcracker can be a holiday obligation, like fruit cake, politely consumed but scarcely relished. Not in the hands of the San Pedro City Ballet. Artistic directors Cynthia Bradley and Patrick David Bradley stage a show that has the homespun sweetness of community theater, with the joy intended by Tchaikovksy. There’s a lightness, breath, and daring to this production that even had the house painter next to me smiling. The gorgeous costumes and sets are professional quality — I particularly loved the ruffled bloomers and the rat on wheels. Yes, there’s pride in seeing local faces on stage: a lot of beaming mamas and papas in the audience. In the gorgeous art deco setting of the Warner Grand Theater, in spitting distance of Hollywood, a little miracle unfolds: delight in human form and expression, shared with neighbors.

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Cock Rock Hall

The more I looked into the history of exclusion of women from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the madder I got. Fortunately, Salon allowed me to vent some steam. Did I go too far? Or not far enough?

via The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s women problem – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Salon.com.


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