Lady Looks Like a Dude

Lady Gaga’s been watching the Le Tigre documentary, I think; she looked so JD Samson-esque on the VMAs. Of course, everyone wanted to talk about Beyonce’s bump instead — now there’s a good girl, not this gender-fucking drag king. I love B and Jay and as a proud parent, glad they’re joining the breeding party. But I thought it strange that it was the most clothed I’ve ever seen Ms. Knowles. What, because she’s with child, she can’t show flesh?!

Women ruled the VMAs, from start to finish. A woman (Nicki Minaj) even won the hip-hop Moonman. Adele made me cry. Just voice and piano and her hands dancing — no need for dancers and acrobatics and a square head. But Katy Perry, really? Leave the Cubist couture to Gaga and Nikki honey. I’m so not feeling her.

Sorry for the late commentary — we don’t do cable. I love the version — you can choose which segments to watch. That’s how all the awards shows should do it. In case you missed it, here’s the Ga.

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