Highways and Byways

Full Lap2

Day 7 (June 25)

The interstate gets us to our destinations, but the byways are the journey. For lunch we broke up two days of hard driving by detouring off 49 and into the Louisiana bayou. I think these spontaneous deviations are going to be the most memorable parts of our trip; William Least Heat Moon was right about these Blue Highways. After driving down winding roads past unpainted plank farmhouses and above-ground cemeteries, we followed a local’s directions to Poche’s. Had some delicious crawfish etouffee and jambalaya and stocked up on Cajun seasonings and sauces for gifts. The radio has provided a harmonious soundtrack: oldies that haven’t been drained of tEtouffeeheir shelf life decades ago and recent Americana on Mustang radio and the “American Roots” show on local NPR.  Aretha, Elvis, Dylan, Chuck, Cash, Lucinda, Nina, Snooks Eaglin, etc.

Now we’re driving on Route 10 to Baton Rouge, a four-lane stretch that rises 20 feet above the swamp on concrete columns. Gotta love the engineering marvel of the interstate too.

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