California Living

You know you’re in Southern California when you see a motorcycle with a surfboard. Cole and I just got back from a weekend in Santa Barbara visiting old friends. We drove home today down the PCH. I have so many childhood and adult memories of this route; it was amazing to relive them knowing that SoCal is home again. We watched dolphins swim just off the coast and had lunch with the bikers at Neptune’s Net. That’s where I snapped this shot. (Boy it would be nice if I could get Word Press to save images as thumbnails. Damn buggy blog.)

We stopped at a beach-bum plant nursery in Malibu. There was an area where they kept chickens and rabbits. Cole pointed at our feet and there was a little mouse. We tried to pick it up and it ran in with the roosters, who promptly started pecking at it. So we grabbed it and brought it home. Tim (Cole’s idea) was clearly someone’s pet and is very happy to be in a cage running in a wheel. We needed another pet like a hole in the head, but you know, who could resist this guy:


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