Sandy West Story

For the last few months I have been living with the memory of one of rock’s great drummers, Sandy West. I hope I have honored her — the good and the bad and the brave and the tragic adventure of the original Runaway — with this LA Weekly story. I have a lot more to say about Sandy, the band, the movie, etc. — and right now I’m trying to say it in my thesis. More to come.

In the meantime, if there is a heaven, I hope she and Alex Chilton are up there jamming.

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One response to “Sandy West Story

  1. Jayne Thompson

    I know nothing about you except for the fact that you know and care about Sandy West; this is something we have in common.
    I’m only thirteen years old and I’m into everything that everyone I know isn’t. I’ve never found anyone to talk about Sandy West with, and this is highly depressing because Sandy West is my biggest inspiration. I never met her (she died when I was seven) and never had a chance to do so much as even shake her hand. But if I can find someone to share losses with (I never knew her but there’s still a hole in my heart because of her passing) then it would take some of the pain off.
    Email me at the email I’ve enclosed, please!!!
    Till then, have a good one!
    (p.s rest in peace Sandy <3)


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