Girl Power Redux

I don’t like nostalgia. I always try to look forward. But I can’t help but be cheered by what I sense as snowballing interest in ’90s Feminism. Kathleen Hanna just donated her Riot Grrrl collection to NYU and has a blog. FSG is publishing Marisa Meltzer’s Girl Power: The ’90s Revolution in Music in February (she interviewed me for it). Marisa’s cowriter on the Sassy book, Kara Jesella, and Ada Calhoun have a cool new blog called ’90s Woman. And in Henry Jenkins’s class today on “Fans, Participatory Culture, and Web 2.0,” he talked about Third Wave Feminism. As someone whose life was very much changed by WAC, Riot Grrrl, SWIM, etc., this is one part of my past I’m happy to revisit. Expect more blogs as I read Marisa’s book, and keep studying with Henry.

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