Guitar Goddess — not!

I interviewed Lita Ford for a startup called Guitar Goddess a few months ago. I knew it was a dubious proposition, but I wanted to talk to Lita for my thesis. Sure enough, never got paid, no contract, magazine, nothing. What did I expect from a publisher called Ezina LeBlanc? Anyways, they put my name on the masthead as managing editor, so I just wanted to go public and say I am not affiliated with this “magazine.” And if anyone wants to buy a Lita Ford interview … (just in time for the Runaways movie!)



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3 responses to “Guitar Goddess — not!

  1. Pekka Pekkala

    Wow! Sorry you got screwed but Lita was the hottest metal chick in the eighties even in rural Finland!


  2. Amber

    Sorry to hear that, but at least you got to interview Lita. I subscribed to this “magazine” so I could read the interview (and because I’m also a female guitarist), and never received anything. I tried contacting them a couple of months later, and got the run-around saying that they would mail me an issue. It’s been 4 months now and still nothing, so now I’m out 25 bucks because it’s been too long to dispute the transaction. I hate to think how many other people they’ve screwed over, but I hope someone nails this Ezina chick to the wall. Her and her “company” are nothing but thieves.


    • admin

      I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. Would you like me to send you the article I wrote on Lita? I’m actually still hoping to place it somewhere, with an update.


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