Lautner's Freedom of Structure

During my Great Houses of Los Angeles course with Victor Regnier, I discovered the architecture of John Lautner. Maybe I like the guy because he’s a Yooper. But his buildings are truly amazing: freedom of structure. Here’s the paper I wrote.


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3 responses to “Lautner's Freedom of Structure

  1. Alan Hess

    Hi Evelyn—Just ran across your paper on Lautner — very good — it’s good to see serious attention given to his work. He deserves it. So you’re a Yooper like him?

    Alan Hess


    • admin

      Well, I’ve spent part of every summer since I was 4 in the UP (that makes 41 years, but who’s counting). My husband is an authentic Yooper; born and raised there. Some day, we’re going to build a cabin there. If only Lautner were around to design it!


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