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  1. Jennifer Cannell


    Just finished reading Mamarama last night. What a wild and thought-provoking memoir! Very fun. I love how you unsqueamishly and unapologetically give us your clubbing, drugging and skronking NYC years. A deliciously raucous, in-your-face feminist celebration of life’s offerings. If you had the chance to go back and whisper a word of advice to your twenty-something Evelyn, I get the feeling she would hear you say, “You go, girl.” No retreat, no surrender. I love it.

    And your book just got better and better as I read on. My favorite chapters were the ones near the end. The whole question of raising kids with a feminist perspective in today’s world is fascinating –your observations were captivating; and, especially in the chapters after Bud enters your life, your writer’s voice is at once a powerful storyteller, at once an artful song.

    Terrific book.



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