Are You Game?

It could happen. I could actually enter the world of gaming. Beatles Rock Band is luring me. And I have a birthday and Xmas coming up. So gamers, what system do you recommend? wii, xbox, playstation? You all helped me out with my Apple decision (I think you were right, though I did have to spend 4 hours on the phone with technicians to get my new scanner and laptop to talk). Survey says?


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2 responses to “Are You Game?

  1. Pekka

    Anthony is your man, I’ll forward this to him!


  2. Anthony

    I’m personally a Playstation fan, so I say go with the PS3. The Xbox controllers have always been too big for me and the only great games on Xbox that you can’t get on PS3 are the Halo series. The Wii can be pretty fun, but it’s physical interaction gameplay only really works with certain types of games. PS3 is your best bet. All the great games, more of a classic type controller, easy to use and it plays Blu-rays.

    And if you want to test out The Beatles: Rock Bock on PS3, you’ll welcome to stop by some time.


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