A Talk and a Reunion

Wells College is a beautiful campus arranged on a hill overlooking a finger lake in upstate New York. I spent a lovely day there Sept. 11, giving a presentation and meeting with students and faculty. It was the first time I gave this talk, Mom and Pop: Real Life Adventures of a Music Critic, and it seemed to go really well. Good turnout, applause and laughter, lots of books signed. I want to thank the Arts and Lecture committee at Wells for inviting me, and my old friend Chris Bailey for helping me get the gig and setting up my Power Point. It was the first time Chris and I had seen each other since we dated 30 years ago. He’s been immensely helpful to me in my transition into academia. Life is strange.
Evelyn 029

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  1. Rhonda Dellinger

    It was a pleasure meeting you. Chris has told the folks here in Stratton hall many stories of his college days and loves to quiz us on the history of rock ‘n roll. In sharing fond memories of years ago, your name came up many times. Your visit and talk was truly a treat for him and everyone here at Wells.


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