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VMAs: Were we Punk'd?

Am I the only one who thinks that whole Kanye/Taylor/Beyonce VMAs stunt was staged? I kept expecting Ashton Kutcher to walk out. It all ended too perfectly, with both ladies in their red cocktail dresses. I know Kanye can be an idiot, but even he knows some bounds. Why was Taylor waiting backstage when Beyonce called for her? It’s like the Eminem/Insult Dog brouhaha last year.

I don’t think the Green Day stage takeover was planned though. The bouncers looked annoyed. Loved it if it wasn’t.

Fave performances: Beyonce, Pink, Muse. Yours?

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Moore is less

Lorrie Moore can be an arch, acidic writer. In her new novel A Gate at the Stairs, that acidness makes her her characters’ own worst enemies, as I recently wrote in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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