Cole and a Little Pandemic

The media hysteria over H1N1 has been disconcerting and unhelpful. The initial furor was so clearly reactionary and unthinking that it’s hard to know how seriously to take the threat of infection now that it’s evident that apocalypse is not imminent — yet the disease does continue to spread. These thoughts all came home to roost Friday when Cole came down with swine flu.

Fortunately, we knew as soon as he started getting hot what it was: His best friend Eli, with whom he had spent the day at Lego Land two days earlier, tested positive for swine flu Friday morning. We were able to get Cole on Tamiflu right away, and by Sunday morning, his fever was already gone. Shwew.

And to think Bud and I thought we had cleared all the hurdles on our marathon odyssey life change. As if moving across country on a wing and a prayer weren’t enough, we had to get a little pandemic thrown in. What next? I haven’t even blogged yet about almost getting struck by lightning in July (I’ll post that one soon).

What I have learned from this: Take all those hand sanitizer admonishments to heart, especially if you’re at an amusement park (my friend Shelley recently caught chicken pox at Disnewy Worl). And if you have a child or are at high risk, make sure to get Tamiflu. Our doctor was reluctant to prescribe it, but we pushed, and are glad we did. Fortunately, even though we didn’t get any for ourselves, Bud and I have remained symptom-free.

To view Cole just before he began passing out with fever, check out the next post, my first online videos!

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