Just Call Me Cougar

tiger shirtToday I’m wearing the mountain lion T-shirt I bought in New Mexico on our 21st century Joad Road Trip  here. Although I do love cougars, and this shirt is the comfort garb I needed today, it is somewhat ironic. My friend Laura turned me onto the Amazon subculture of commentators on nature/mystical/mountain men T-shirts. It’s hilarious stuff, like this one: “When I think of Las Vegas I think of two things: Tigers and Elvis. Since The Mountain Tee-shirt Company doesn’t make an Elvis shirt, I opted for the XXL Tiger tee-shirt when I made my trip. I like the way it fits snug while I am on the dance floor and the orange makes me stand out for all of the ladies. In fact, I met my third wife wearing this shirt. Although, now I need to order a new one because she got it in the divorce.” Would love to know how this subculture got started. Convergence in action?

I couldn’t find the shirt I’m wearing at Amazon, perhaps because it’s discontinued. (I got it on sale. My irony budget is very small.) I’ll try to post a picture to it later.


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