Up in Michigan

This morning I woke up as I’m sure I will every day for the next two weeks: I immediately looked out the window and up into the trees to see how the baby hawks are doing. They’re  high up in the fork of a tree yards away from Dan’s Cabin, three little puffballs of white down and beak. I’m three days into my artist residency in the Porcupine Mountains State Park, and the hawks are definitely the highlight. We haven’t identified the species yet, as we’ve only seen a parent briefly — just enough to know they are not eagles. The cabin, built by Friends of the Porkies, is gorgeous, perched above a creek a quarter mile from the nearest campground. It’s a bit spooky being alone in the woods, with no phone, internet, electricity, or even running water. Cole is pining for Sponge Bob. But I’m relishing the disconnect — it is a much needed respite from the storm of modern life.

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