Not only was MIA sartorially the fly in the ointment last night at the Grammys — literally, she looked like a bug — but she was the best part of the rap pack, maybe because I could understand what she was saying. It was cool to have those guys together, but it was coolest that MIA repped/rapped for the ladies. Pregnant, nonetheless. Pull up the people!

I liked the music-centrism of the show, and thought that the ladies in particular rocked it. Carrie Underwood (and her lady shredder), Sugarland, even Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift — that wasn’t country, that was some serious soul music. Those ladies had studied at the altar of Aretha as much as the amazing Adele and Jennifer Hudson had; does being country now merely mean you have blond (naturally or, more often, not) hair? And was I dreaming or did Thom Yorke just cavort manicly in front of a marching band on a major awards show? I must have dozed off (just seeing Allison Krauss win yet more Grammys makes me sleepy); that couldn’t have happened.

The record industry has actually been paying attention to A&R, it seemed to me after last night’s telecast, not just scouting young hotties; there was some serious talent in the Staples Center. Big exceptions: Katy Perry and the Jonas Brothers. I don’t believe for one minute Katy likes girls. Joe Scarborough called the Jonases’ performance with Stevie Wonder the day the music died, and I have to agree.

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